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Making the Students page more useful

Let’s face it, our current “Students” page leaves a little to be desired. Lots of useful links. No real dynamic content. How would you beef it up to make it more useful? One suggestion we heard last week was to list upcoming events and deadlines that are relevant to students. What else? Use the comments section below to share your thoughts.

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13 Responses to “Making the Students page more useful”

  1. I agree that deadlines would be very useful, especially for 3Ls and bar-requirements.

    This is not related directly to the students page, but if each student group could have access to an easy to customize website, that would be great. Lots of groups don’t have the time, expertise, or money to have a nice website.

  2. Though this doesn’t relate to the students page directly, how about creating one master entrance for all the various services of the law school? I feel like I have to constantly jump around, entering my information hundreds of times as I move from course information to career services and the link. Seems inefficient.

  3. Hi Michael,

    Please consider making the calendar network a component of your website redesign. We already have a couple law student run calendars:

    Contact me for more details. -SL

  4. Hi Michael, thanks for soliciting comment.

    There should be a single, authoritative calendar that interfaces with the registrar’s office, so that the calendar is tied to room reservations. It doesn’t make sense to be operating 4 calendars, as we are now (BBB, Boalt’s, Faculty Flyer & UC’s).


  5. Harumi Quinones Says:

    Thanks for creating a space to collect our input! As manager of the LL.M. & J.S.D. programs, I would like to see:

    1) a separate portal for student pages specific to these programs (so that the LL.M. & J.S.D. students do not confuse J.D. specific requirements or information with those of their programs)


    2) general student pages with links that go to clearly marked J.D., LL.M., J.S.D., and J.S.P. related pages (ex. academic rules for each program differ)

    I would recommend an entry portal page with RSS feeds that list the month’s upcoming events and deadlines relevant to student. I would also recommend a link to a calendar (or rather “the” authoratative calendar) with information on all upcoming events.

    It would also be helpful to have a clearer navigation structure so one always knows exactly to which page they have arrived. I think my office created an efficient navigation structure on our Advanced Law Degree Admission pages. Feel free to take a look at:

  6. David Haskel Says:

    I don’t have a problem with the students page being static content. We have the BBB to give us a calendar and updates, I don’t need another website to check periodically. Ever since they stopped sending us the PDFs of the BBB, it’s really just become a website to check whenever I get the chance, rather than a newsletter. RSS feed would be good.

  7. Hi Michael.

    I have a suggestion: RSS for the BBB.

    Think of how delightfully convenient that would be!

    I have also indexed find various rants by law students here:

    A lot of it is outdated, and the label is “technology rants” so the timbre may be a little . . . ranty. But there are some worthy suggestions buried in there, too.


  8. Scott Zimmermann Says:

    I’d like to reiterate the comments from Sara and Chris about the need for a single master calendar that is integrated with the main campus. The Campus Calendar Network is an excellent system that I think would work really well for Boalt.

    - CCN supports iCalendar, so students/faculty/staff could automatically view current info about all Boalt events in their Google, Outlook, or other calendars.

    - If student groups have their own calendar on the CCN, then the Boalt calendar can automatically subscribe to and publish those events, so the most current event information will be available to everyone. Administration can be done by the student group leaders, which improves timeliness and accuracy, while reducing the burden on our overworked registrar’s office. This solves the major problem right now that the BBB listings are usually out of date, or the BBB deadline was missed.

    - Supports configurable RSS feeds. These RSS feed can be used by students in the newsreaders. RSS feeds can also be used to display dynamic student group event info on the group’s homepage. See, for example.

    - Support subcategory filters, so that events can be organized by categories such as student group, alumni, faculty, etc.

    - Event postings can be entered in ONE place, and if there’s a need for an update, it only needs to be done ONCE. CCN’s cross-calendar posting feature, RSS feeds, iCalendar feed, UCB homepage listing, etc are all automatically updated.

    - Using the CCN would help to integrate Boalt into the broader UC Berkeley community. Boalt events would be visible to that community, and also Boalt students would have an easier time locating events happening outside of Boalt. Note that there’s also an option in CCN to mark the event as a Boalt-only event so that it does not appear on other calendars.

    - I worked with Sara on the BERC calendar and I found that her team was very responsive to suggestions for feature requests and bug fixes.

  9. AdmittedBoaltie Says:

    Hi there! I’m an admitted student. Would love to see the following on Boalt’s website:

    1) More pictures of the wonderful campus and beautiful town.
    2) More information about career services. Most of the information on the CDO website is password protected.
    3) Put information about Boalt’s public interest program all in one place. The information is currently scattered between the Center for Social Justice’s curricular programs page, financial aid/LRAP page, career services page (I can’t access it because it’s password protected) and the Clinical programs section. I learned about the Eldey Grants by reading a brochure I got in the mail. All of this valuable information should be in one place.
    4) Have more color on the website. The white background is bland.
    5) Incorporate design elements and content from Boalt’s viewbook (94720-The Best Zip Code on the Planet) into the website. The viewbook looks great and the content is fantastic.

  10. Puneet Kakkar Says:

    Thank you for soliciting student input!

    I strongly second (third?) Chris’s and Scott’s comments–a centralized calendar would be amazing.

    Then, I also believe that the students website does not accurately portray the opportunities students have while at Boalt. (The website does, overall, but not the student portal). There is no link for field placement (aka externships); study abroad programs; other law schools who take visiting 3Ls (over and above our Harvard exchange); etc.

    In addition, I believe that the site should also link to the most relevant aspects of the main UC Berkeley campus that Boalt students should know about. For example, opportunities to become a Grad Student Instructor; General Assembly Funds; the Graduate services; RSF (gym); etc. (The Current “Campus Resources” is somewhat bare).

  11. I would like to have a quick link on the students page to bearfacts and telebears. Thanks!

  12. It would be incredibly helpful if Berkeley Law would provide web support to student groups. We have been trying to make this happen, pretty unsucessfully, for the last two years!

  13. Is there a way that we could make room reservations online? That would be amazing and would cut down on a lot of paperwork. Thanks!