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Quick links for students

It’s been a while since we posted anything. Apologies. We’ve been busy cranking away on the new site.

Today, we want your feedback on a neat new feature we’ll be adding to the web site. At the top of the home page will be tabs for students, faculty and prospective employers. When a user clicks on a tab, a little box will pop down with a list of quick links. The goal here is to get people to the pages of the web site they need as quickly as possible, with the fewest clicks possible. (Note: We’ll also use this space for important reminders or announcements.) Click on the image below to enlarge it so you can see what we’re talking about.

Here’s where we need your help. Which quick links would be the most useful for students in that box? We’ve created our own list, based on chats with students and what we know about where people go on the site. How closely does it match the list you’d create? Leave your comments below.

Majority rules here. Ultimately, that small piece of web real estate needs to serve the most students as possible. But all comments and suggestions are welcome.

Click to enlarge.

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19 Responses to “Quick links for students”

  1. Chris McDermott Says:

    Direct links to the BBB, course web pages (be they on bspace or not), and to course lists would be great.

  2. Very close.

    The large majority of my time on the site is spent on the following, in order of importance:

    1) Boalt Bulletin Board
    2) Academic Calendar
    3) Course Webpages
    4) bSpace
    5) Courses/Updates

    The right column looks perfect.

  3. Christopher Says:

    I’d like to see a link to bearfacts, and Nuts and Boalts Blog, please. :)

  4. The pages I use most often on the Boalt website are:

    1) Faculty Profiles
    2) Academic Calendar
    3) Courses (course web pages in particular)
    4) There should be links to telebears and bearfacts.
    5) Student organization web pages.

  5. I would like to see a link to my grades.


  6. Put it in alphabetical order.

  7. In no particular order, I most often access:

    - BBB
    - faculty profiles
    - course web pages

  8. David Haskel Says:


  9. Thanks, everyone, for your comments so far. Keep ‘em coming.

  10. The sites I have favorited in my browser are: the academic calendar, bear-facts, tele-bears, the BBB, the library website, the cal library website, bSpace, and my class websites.

    Course listings (especially that unofficial unofficial enrollment status around registering times).


  11. Around finals I’d really appreciate getting to the Exams section quickly–to confirm dates & times and for uploading. I think most students only use the course listings a couple weeks out of the year; if it makes sense to include course listings I think the Exams section should be included also.

    I access the CDO, library, BBB, course webpages, academic calendar, and bSpace websites frequently, so I’m glad to see those were included.

    Thanks so much for soliciting our input.

  12. bearfacts & telebears should definitely be added.
    i’d find a link to a full-campus map much more useful than a parking & transportation link.
    do “IS&T and Computing Resources” and “Support: computing – media – phones” need to be separate links?
    Will the Course Updates link actually include updates this time around? Could that be integrated into the courses link?

  13. bspace and haas courses available to boalt students; and bearfacts/telebears.

  14. Kathleen Lu Says:

    Career Development should have an additional link just to OCIP, separated by a dash (I think it should have additional links such as Clerkships for the other job categories as well, but you’re out of room). There’s no reason for IT to take up two lines.
    Also second the link to a map of campus rather than the useless parking and transportation page. That’s for visitors.

  15. My use in order of importance:

    1. CalMail
    2. Bspace
    3. Course Webpages
    4. Bearfacts
    5. Telebears
    6. BBB
    7. Webfiles
    8. Library
    9. B-line

  16. I would like a link to

    B-line or CDO for students
    Course Webpage/B Space
    BBB or registrar’s page in general
    Financial Aid

  17. I think the list looks great but I would definitely use a link to financial aid.

  18. Harumi Quinones Says:

    I know my students would appreciate:


  19. Bearfacts and telebears, please! Also the library website would be great. And in addition to the cdo website, maybe the b-line link directly? I also don’t ever use calmail (I forward everything to my gmail), but I know there are still quite a few people who do use calmail (just debating whether or not it should be included on there).

    Thank you so much for soliciting our input! It is really great to be able to have a voice in shaping the new webpage.