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Quick links for faculty and staff

Faculty and staff members, we want your feedback on an important new feature we’ll be adding to the web site. At the top of the home page of our new web site will be tabs for students, faculty/staff and prospective employers. When a user clicks on a tab, a little box will pop down with a list of quick links. The goal here is to get people to the pages of the web site they need quickly and with the fewest clicks possible. (Note: We’ll also use this space for important reminders or announcements.) Click on the image below to enlarge it so you can see what we’re talking about.

Here’s where we need your help. Which quick links would be the most useful for faculty and staff in that box? What parts of the web site do you go to most often? We’ve created our own placeholder list. How closely does it match the list you’d create? This little quick-links box is your space. Be thoughtful, and leave your suggestions below.

A couple of points to note: As you can see, space is at a premium. We probably can’t add a greater number of links than shown below. Also, majority rules here. Ultimately, that small piece of web real estate needs to serve the most faculty and staff as possible. But all comments and suggestions are welcome.


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14 Responses to “Quick links for faculty and staff”

  1. If space is really at a premium, why feature the “For Faculty and Staff” tab so prominently?

    I would guess that the great majority of website visitors are prospective students, employers, current students, and alumni. Only a small segment of visitors are interested in benefit plans and personnel policies. Furthermore, many faculty links require a Calnet login–so it’s not as if the pages are publicly available.

    Why not just have “Staff resources” as one of the options in the bottom row? It could link directly to the “More resources here…” tab link. Ideally, computers on the UCB network could connect directly to an internal law school website, highlighting the info needed by students and staff.

    Finally, what we really need is dynamic content and an online calendar, like you see on the YLS and HLS webpages. We should fully incorporate the BBB onto the webpage and stop wasting paper. Having a comprehensive events calendar would also help students and staff plan events more efficiently.

  2. Thanks for the note, Mike. When I say “space is at a premium,” I mean within the drop-down box itself. The actual Faculty/Staff button itself is tucked away in the top right corner and does not take up a lot of room.

    What we are trying to do with the web site is separate the links for outsiders such as prospective students from the links for the faculty and staff and current students.

    As for the online calendar, that’s being worked on. And there is a plan afoot to integrate the BBB into the site more efficiently.


  3. Jason Shepherd Says:

    As far as site resources that I personally use most often (and thus could use ready access to), I would rate the UC Directory and Bear Facts at the top of that list. bSpace is rapidly becoming more essential, as well.

  4. Laurel Fletcher Says:

    Dear Michael:

    I think this is a great idea! It would be very helpful to have a link to the faculty request for the library services (research and materials request); that link is currently several clicks away.

    Also, will the banner be used to give updates on the server? Obviously when email is out, there’s no way to send a message, but sometimes the web is up and email down so it wld be helpful to alert all of us to those times.

    Finally, though this will be mostly for a transition period, the link to the identity materials would be very helpful. We all need access to letterhead,logos, and a reminder about the current name of the school!



  5. I frequently use the Directory. Maybe BearFacts would also be useful.


  6. Lisa de Carbonel Says:

    As a staff member, the two resources I regularly use are the Directory and Webmail. A quick link to the Help Desk tutorials would also be very helpful.

  7. Angela Harris Says:

    I use most frequently webmail and my course pages — if we are transitioning to bspace then a quick link there would be good.

  8. Dean C. Rowan Says:

    As a member of the Library staff, I use the current School home page for access to the Directory, Faculty Profiles, information about the Centers and Clinics, and course information. The arrangement of the latter has always given me pause: I have to think for a moment about the different kinds of content at Courses at Boalt, Course Web Pages, and Course Listings & Updates before I proceed. My confusion would be compounded by having first to decide whether or not the course information I seek is “for students” or “for faculty and staff” (or, perhaps, for “academics”).

  9. Christopher Kutz Says:

    I vote for calendar, bearfacts, coursepages, email lists, and the page where colloquia papers are hidden.


  10. Jeff Selbin Says:

    Hi Michael,

    This looks very nice. My top links would include:
    Course Webpages
    Faculty Services (Library)

    What about the new identity files for the time being?


  11. Steve Weissman Says:

    I like most of the things on your initial list. Perhaps this is what some meant when they referred to “calendar”, but how about a quick link to Calagenda? Unibears is another link that might be useful for people trying to get to services from outside of the building.

  12. Harumi Quinones Says:

    My top links:
    1) Boalt directory
    2) campus directory
    3) bspace
    4) bearfacts
    5) webmail
    6) CAL Agenda

  13. Michael,

    I use the Directory a lot, and would second the request for a tab with quick info to the status of the network servers, so people can easily check what’s going on when email is down. There is currently such a page but it is rarely updated and I don’t think many people know about it.

    Thx. – Ty

  14. This could be somewhat helpful for individual tasks that people do repeatedly, but not a substitute for a real Boalt intranet, which we sorely need. All faculty/staff contact info, HR docs and links, computing info, etc. should be available from one centralized location. Hopefully the more resources link would lead to such a place.