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The new BBB

A couple of months ago, we asked the Berkeley Law community how they used the BBB. We got a ton of great feedback. Based on that feedback, and internal discussions about what seems to make sense, we’ve come up with a slightly new format for the BBB that will debut with our new web site next month.

Because we will be introducing a new school calendar that will hopefully capture virtually most school events, we are moving events out of the BBB. The BBB will now be primarily focused on school-related announcements and reminders.

What’s more, the BBB will be updated regularly whenever there is new content. Units within the school will be able to publish to the BBB web page directly, whenever they have information to share. This means the BBB moves from a weekly publication to a near-daily, blog-like information source.

Lastly, our hope is that we’ll be able to generate an RSS feed for the BBB, which may in turn allow us to offer regular email updates.

This seems like the best model for the BBB. But we’ll listen to feedback once it’s rolled out. And if it makes sense to make adjustments, we’ll do so.


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One Response to “The new BBB”

  1. This sounds like a good idea. It would be wonderful if we could “subscribe” to the BBB calendar through a CALDAV compliant calendar system, like iCAL, Outlook, etc.